Add the Pickering Federal Lands to Rouge National Urban Park

Half a century ago, Canada expropriated 7,527 hectares of biodiverse, prime farmland in the North Pickering area with claims of building a new airport.

In 2022, this land is still on hold, leaving a landscape in limbo economically and ecologically.

The Pickering Federal lands provide natural climate mitigation solutions, and offer connected landscapes for species where the extinction crisis is hitting Canada the hardest. They also occupy sacred Indigenous territory. 

Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau made the original Pickering airport commitment half a century ago. Now it’s time for a course correction.

Send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging him to add the remaining Pickering Lands to Rouge National Urban Park.

It’s time to protect the Pickering Lands, for people, for nature.

We’ll send your letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, and cc’ Minister of Environment Climate Change Canada Steven Guilbeault, and Minister of Transport Canada Omar Alghabra.